Treat Cards

Here’s a fun exercise for couples to do while in the corona ‘lockdown’ period over Christmas and into the New Year. So your task is to make a series of ‘treat cards’ on which you write activities that you would like your partner to do for you…..

The Advantages of Co-Therapy (2×2)

Yet every relationship faces challenges: communication issues, trust, respect; demands on time and space; intimacy issues; parenthood; mid-life crises; changing values, behaviors and opinions; financial stress; and infidelity. Every relationship has its issues!
You can either make an appointment with me as solo therapist or join me along with my collague for a 2×2 session. You may be wondering what the benefits are of seeing a co-therapy team?

The Importance of Continuing Education for the Therapist

Continuing education supports lifelong learning ensuring that the mental health professional remains a critical thinker who is well-equipped to provide quality care for their clients.