Starting Therapy

How it works

Ring for a free of charge consultation.

During the initial intake session you can describe your particular issue and we will discuss what I have to offer on the basis of which you can decide whether you wish to pursue the relationship. Contact me if you want to set a date for this intake.

If you decide to make use of my services I will draft a contract which will discuss the terms and conditions in our first session and I will ask you to sign that. In that contract I will give you details regarding the duration of our sessions together. On the whole I prefer to work with you over a set period of time (in 5 block sessions) after which we will evaluate the progress made and if necessary the terms for the continuation of counselling/therapy services if required.

Individual therapy sessions last 50 mins and cost 105 Euro per session

Couple therapy sessions are 90 mins and cost 210 Euro per session

Except where other arrangements have been made in advance, payment for individual, couple or group services is expected before services are rendered. So please pre-pay.

If a client cancels a session at least 24 hours prior to the agreed session in advance, there is no charge. Clients are otherwise charged a full fee for sessions missed. Exceptions may be made for bona fide emergencies.

Weekend and evening sessions are also possible. There is a surcharge of 10% for sessions after 6.00pm and a 20% surcharge for appointments on Saturday and Sunday.

Costs include BTW. A receipt is always provided.

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