About me

Sarah-Alice Miles

I am in my mid fifties. I was born in the UK, educated in Italy and New Zealand and now live in The Netherlands.

I have had a varied professional life. I initially studied law and worked in the investment banking and insurance industries as a lawyer based in both London and Amsterdam.

Later on in my career I retrained. I have degrees in Psychology, Psychotherapy (Gestalt) and Mediation (Dispute Resolution). I have worked in these fields since 2004. I specialize in working with couples of all sorts. I myself have been in a bi cultural, bi-lingual, age different relationship for the last 30 years.

My life’s experiences and training have set me up for my work with clients. I am concerned with meaning making, self-awareness and personal growth. I work on the premise of the ability to self-heal. My aim is to help you grow into a more conscious couple. In so doing each of us can perceive and love themselves more and live more from his or her authentic core. That ultimately makes the world a friendlier, more open and more loving place! I am able to offer you a multifaceted approach to your issues, whatever they may be.

At heart I am also an artist and I like working with a variety of media including textile, lino-cutting, mosaics and etching. I also use my Gestalt art skills in the psychotherapy setting if the client wishes to do that.

I am a member of The International Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy; Gestalt Australia and New Zealand, and Stichting Bevordering Gestalt-Art (The Netherlands).

If what you have read speaks to you, I invite you to get in touch.

Couple and Relationship Psychotherapist working in the Netherlands specializing in Bi cultural, bi racial, age different and re-partnered couples.
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