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Bi-cultural Relationships and Couple’s Therapy

Helping Couples Thrive

I work with couples of which one has moved to the other’s home country. This situation produces a unique set of circumstances and specific couple issues in terms of their shared relationship. A bi-cultural relationship is the convergence of two people and their individual cultures creating a new combined couple culture.

Taking the bold step to move from your country of origin to your partners’ country of origin either for adventure, work, a better life or solely for love can be very challenging and often far more difficult than we anticipate. Sometimes it is hard to admit just how difficult the challenge! We are faced with adjusting to a new life while coming to terms with the loss of the life we left behind. The ‘displaced’ partner may often feel some of the following emotions:

These are a few of the issues that can arise! And while these are problems for the individual they have a profound impact on the couple. If you’re in this situation are you in touch with what’s hard for you? Is your partner in touch with what’s hard for you? Do you find yourselves competing about who’s sacrificed or sacrifices the most? Do you understand each others’ sacrifices?

In therapy we can explore the emotional process of moving and of identifying or being identified as the expat. If you want to begin figuring out how to relate better to each other in your new set of circumstances and create a solid relationship-base within this new environment contact me and help yourself to get started on your journey.

Come and paint yourself a new world! Discover how to ‘live juicy’ in your new environment!

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