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The Importance of Continuing Education for the Therapist

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Below is a list of books related to Gestalt therapy. Psychotherapy is a dynamic field and consequently research and best practices change over time. The world and the people living in this world continue to grow and evolve. It can be argued that changes in the mental health field take place even more often than other fields or industries. Continuing education ensures that clinicians remain on top of developments in our field so that we can to provide the best services possible to for our clients.

Continuing education for mental health professionals comes in many forms and covers a broad range of topics. Gestalt therapists are required to be involved in continuing education to comply with laws, remain licensed or certified, and to maintain membership in a professional association or licensing body. Overall, continuing education is considered a way for professionals to keep abreast of their field so that they remain current. Mental health professionals who do not meet their continuing education requirements may have their licenses temporarily revoked or receive other sanctions. Continuing education can include:

As a Gestalt therapist we commit to life-long learning. Continuing education offers a variety of professional benefits:

Continuing education supports lifelong learning ensuring that the mental health professional remains a critical thinker who is well-equipped to provide quality care for their clients.

Here is an ongoing list of Gestalt literature and some interesting video clips:

Happy Learning!

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